Features that will

Boost Your Business

The TextTeam platform is designed with the business user in mind. It's friendly, easy to use and boasts loads of features to bring your campaigns to the next level. Below are just some of the features we offer on our platform.


Single & Bulk SMS

Send TXT messages to individuals or create and run campaigns focused on your target market. TextTeam makes it easy to create targeting groups with functionality to import bulk numbers



Send messages from a repliable phone number or send from a unique senderID such as your business name. Set custom reply rules to automatically send personal responses to customers.


Landing Pages

Landing Pages are mobile webpages that get attached to your SMSs to add personalised visual content to your messages, boosting customer engagement and creating memorable brand journeys by leveraging the audience engagement of SMS.


Inbuilt URL Shortening

URL shortening is a method of taking your normally long URL, and making it substantially shorter in order for it to fit easily into your SMS message. This is extremely useful, as long URLs are often difficult to read or copy.

How it works

Really so simple

It's easier than you think. Follow 3 simple easy steps

Create a free account
Setup to your liking
Start sending!
Simple and transparent pricing

No plans, no hidden fees, no worries!

With TextTeam, you only pay per SMS. All of our extra features are completely free!

Getting Started

Who is TextTeam for?

The short answer is, anyone! TextTeam is an online SMS provider which enables people or businesses to send SMS's directly from their internet browser or their favourite sofware. It is a great way to communicate with your customers with your unique business appearing as the sender. TextTeam allows businesses to send SMS to hundreds, thousands or even millions of their clients with the click of a button!

How do I sign up for TextTeam?

Signing up with us easy, and completely free! Simply click here to create your free account today!

What features do you have?

How much time do you have? TextTeam boasts many useful features including API connectivity for your business software, landing pages, contact groups, URL shortening, senderID, campaign management and much more!

How TextTeam works

What’s special about TextTeam?

TextTeam was built for the business person in mind. We have one of the most user friendly platforms in the market with all the features to bring your communications to the next level. Also, our strong partnerships allow us to offer you some of the most affordable SMS rates in the country!

How do I purchase SMS credits?

Purchasing credits is easy. Once you're logged in to the TextTeam dashboard, simply click the BUY NOW button on the right hand side, and enter the quantity of SMS credits you'd like. We accept payments from all major credit cards.

How are you different to the other providers?

TextTeam is an Australian company which means you receive the level of support you'd expect from a local home grown business. We also have better prices!

I'm currently using another provider, how do I switch over?

Switching over is easy! Since it's free to have an account with TextTeam, you can switch over and start using us straight away before removing your old provider entirely. If you are using company software that sends out your TXT's, we can connect our API services to most, if not all software applications with a little tweaking.


How can I connect TextTeam to my software?

If you're using software that allows you to add a bulk SMS provider into its functionality, we can connect to your software using your unique TextTeam API credentials. If you have automated campaigns running on your software, it will all remain the same - You will simply be using us as your provider in the back-end

How to use TextTeam API?

Feel free to view our Help Centre documentation which explains step by step how to connect our API, as well as how-to's on other TextTeam functions. If you're still having trouble, contact us and one of our developers will reach out and help!

Where can I learn about all your features?

You can learn how to use many of our features by visiting the Help Centre

Pricing Plans

How much does TextTeam cost?

Users pay for SMS credits. The quantity of credits you wish to purchase dictates the price per credit.


1 - 1,999 SMS = 7c per credit

2,000 - 9,999 SMS = 6.8c per credit

10,000 - 100,000 SMS = 6.5c per credit

100,000 - 500,000 SMS = 6c per credit

500,000 + SMS = Contact Us

Can I cancel any time?

There are no lock in contracts or subscriptions with TextTeam, you simply buy SMS credits as you need them